Symposium Proposals


The 8th International CAA Conference Organising Committee would like to invite to submit a symposium proposal for its biannual meeting.This meeting, which will be held in a hybrid online/in-person format, comes at a time of great progress towards improved diagnosis and potential disease-modifying treatment of CAA.

The closing date is April 01, 2022 and no submission will be accepted after this date. 


Please think about which areas related to the science or clinical manifestations of cerebrovascular amyloid would be most compelling to discuss. To submit a proposal, please complete the form in the link below by listing the proposed symposium title, a brief introduction, and list of proposed talk titles and speakers. Each symposium should have between 2-4 speakers.  


The CAA Conference scientific organizing committee will review all submissions. Please note that the organizing committee may make changes to the proposed symposia or combine parts of various proposals into a single symposium. 

Thanks very much for making ICAA Perth 2022 the best CAA conference ever. 



On behalf of the Conference Scientific and Local Organizing Committees 


Associate Professor Hamid R. Sohrabi 

Professor Steven M. Greenberg 

Professor Ralph N. Martins 



Note:The submission form can be accessed here: 

Call for Symposium Proposals

Please return your form to:

You will be asked for a session title, brief introduction (<100 words), titles for up to 4 talks, and primary and alternate speakers for each talk.  We encourage proposals related to the full range of topics in the cerebral amyloid angiopathy and small vessel brain disease fields, including diagnosis, neuroimaging, clinical features, candidate treatments, neuropathology, genetics, animal models, vascular biology, molecular mechanisms, amyloid biology, and vascular physiology.