Reservation Desk

Registration desk will be open from 1pm to 4pm on Wednesday 2nd November at UWA Club for people to register the day before if they wish to.


This conference will be of interest to basic scientists, clinical researchers, clinicians and academics. 

The Conference will be hybrid including in-person and online sessions. The in-person Conference will be held at the UniClub, the University Club of Western Australia

University Club 



In-person conference

* A Conference programme guide 
* Admission to all Conference sessions
* Registration fee payment receipts (Tax Invoice)
* Official Attendance Certificate
* Arrival coffee, morning and afternoon tea, and buffet lunch
* Social event/Network dinner

Of note: Registration for the in-person participation will also provide free access to the virtual conference platform.

Virtual Conference Platform

* Access to interactive online live-streamed sessions through the virtual conference platform
* Access to recorded on-demand sessions through the virtual conference platform until a certain period of time after the Conference.
Access to digital posters

If you opt for an online-only participation, you will have access only to the virtual conference platform with the services listed above.




Rates in-person Conference: Full, ECR and Student

Full: Licensed Medical Doctors; Medical Specialists; General Practitioners and Physicians; Senior Researchers and Academics (e.g., Assistant Professors, Senior Lecturers, Associate Professors and Professors); Career Hospital Doctors; and Medical Practitioners.    €400

ECR : Including Early Career Residents/Researchers within the first 3 years of completing their degrees including doctorate or PhD. Also Medical Residents; Fellows in Training; Allied Health Professionals and Trainees:    €270

Student: Any Bachelor, Master and PhD Students, and Pre-Doctoral Students:    €135

Rates for virtual attendance:

Full: €100
ECR/Student: €50


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